About Us

 M3?….. Why M3?  

 “M” is my first and second initial, so it is part of who I am.  The number “3”, is the most powerful of numbers.  It is significant in religion, science,  music, sports etc.  I wanted to incorporate who I am, with the strength and power of 3…… spiritually, mindfully and bodily….. Marianne

 Again you ask, why M3?

 Here’s Why!  “There’s a difference between a back rub and a massage“, says John.  At M3 Massotherapy, experience the difference and learn why our clients won’t go anywhere else for their massotherapy.  Our clients come from as far as Australia, Japan, Germany, Tennessee,  and California, to name a few.


 With over 23+ years of experience, we have been keeping the people of Tallmadge and the surrounding community healthy since 1998.

Whether your reason for scheduling your massage is therapeutic or relaxation, at M3 Massotherapy, your session is specific to you.


 ALL of our therapists are licensed through the STATE OF OHIO MEDICAL BOARD.


What does that mean to you?  

The State of Ohio DOES NOT require a person to be licensed to give a “relaxation massage”.  However, the state DOES REQUIRE a person to be licensed to give any form of therapy, use the word therapy or otherwise promote themselves as a therapist, that includes massage for headaches and general muscle aches!

A therapist is licensed by the State Medical Board only after completing specific requirements and testing.  They are proud to use the designation, LMT.  All others, commonly referred to as “certified practitioners or massagists”,  have only been trained, maybe, with as little as 8 hours (CEU’s) and carry a certification to perform RELAXATION MASSAGES ONLY!  Know who puts their hands on you!


Meet the Therapists:
Marianne received her medical license in 1990.